11 Ways to Prepare for the Hungry Ghost Month from August until September 2015

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Do you know why it’s called the Hungry Ghost Month every time the month of August rolls by? According to Chinese astrology, when the full lunar month arrives every year, it’s the time when the gates of hell opens and hungry ghosts are unleashed so they enter the human realm to wander for food. It happens every 7th lunar month of the year which falls either in July or August.

This year of 2015, it starts on August 14 and ends on September 12.

So what are hungry ghosts? Aren’t all ghosts or spirits the same? According to experts, these spirits are those who didn’t go to heaven or weren’t reincarnated because of the sins they did while they were still living on earth. Others are those who experienced a tragic or sudden death. While some passed away with unfinished business.

As a tradition, offerings and rituals are offered to feed the hungry ghosts, respect their deceased loved ones and to keep misfortunes at bay. Some believe that these ghosts may also return to seek revenge on their enemies or simply cause mischief.

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The Hungry Ghost Month escalates the chances for tragedies, accidents and other troubles. Some people don’t travel, businessmen reconsider opening new businesses and homeowners delay construction or renovation dates. According to Master Hanz Cua, a Filipino Feng Shui expert, during a TV guesting at Mornings @ ANC, hungry ghosts can become happy ghosts.

So what can you do to prepare for the Hungry Ghost Month so that you avoid any misfortunes or bad luck? Here are several guidelines recommended by Feng Shui experts for the month of August and September:

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1. The best thing to do for ghosts is to pray or light a candle for them. It’s the same as what Catholics do when they light a candle and say a little prayer at home, church or cemetery for their loved ones or souls in purgatory.

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2. It’s a tradition to burn paper money outside your homes, stores or offices.

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3. Offerings are left outside the house for ghosts who are passing. Offer them food like chicken, pork, fruits, desserts, beer, wine and cigarettes.

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4. Always have bright lights and an airy environment at home to deflect negative energies. You can also sleep with the lights on in your bedroom.


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5. Rock salt should always be present at home as they say it scares away hungry ghosts so spread these around at any openings and entry points of your house like the doorstep or outside the windows.


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6. Don’t open umbrellas indoors as it’s an invitation for ghosts to share it with you.

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7. Don’t open a new business as this time may cause it to fail and instead plan for it instead.


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8. Don’t kill unusual house insects which are believed to be reincarnations of ancestors. Cockroaches are not unusual and they are fine to get rid of.carbyneconstruction

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 9. Plan construction schedules ahead of time to avoid delays. If the construction began prior the ghost month, it can continue during the ghost month with no bad luck. Otherwise move it after the end date in September.


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10. Don’t move into a new home or office.

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11. Display house amulets or guardians near the entrance such as Chung Kwei which is the protector against evil spirits or Kwan Kong, the Chinese God of War.

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Whether it’s a superstitious belief or not, it doesn’t hurt to do some of these guidelines. Chinese, some Filipinos and other people who believe in practicing Feng Shui or these traditions for so many years have experiences or perhaps has proven some of them are worth doing. Nonetheless, always pray for protection and guidance, no matter what you believe in.

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