An Old House Turned into a Cool Lola Cafe + Bar


After searching for a great place we haven’t tried yet for my college friends reunion dinner, I found this nice restaurant Lola Cafe + Bar in Scout Lozano. It’s hidden near the corner of Scout Lozano and Scout Tuazon.

The ambiance is pretty good since it’s laidback and most of the interiors were done in black and white. It has a vibe that’s perfect for friends or family dining. I like how their designs were made to make the old house look modern.409218_366801713404518_1784789145_nThey also have a bar if you’re out with your friends to simply drink and unwind after a long day at work.47507_366801680071188_1843490191_nLōla-Cafe-Menu_Jan-2015-page-001Lōla-Cafe-Menu_Jan-2015-page-002DSC_0212DSC_0218DSC_0214We ordered some appetizers such as Mexican Nachos, Lola’s Salad and Classic Fries (since we had some cute kids with us). Their Mexican Nachos is good though the salsa isn’t enough but you can ask for more without extra charge. Their Lola’s Salad is pretty good while the Classic Fries is the usual.
644029_366837883400901_179508670_nYou can dine in their mezzanine area which is more private and has more space compared to their ground floor dining area.
DSC_0219Their Rosemary Chicken is really good, the sauce tangy and sweet with the meat well done.

DSC_0220Their Baked Dory is also good with a lot of Parmesan Cheese baked on top of the Dory though this dish doesn’t come with rice so you’ll have to order extra rice.483009_366837930067563_1191180666_nThey also have private section which serves as a function room separated with a curtain at the mezzanine area of Lola Cafe + Bar which serves 10 persons. DSC_0226DSC_0224We tried their Banoffee Pie and Belgian Chocolate Cupcake. The Banoffee Pie definitely won our heart as it was refrigerated so once you put it in our mouth, it melts. The Belgian Chocolate Cupcake is just right, nothing extra ordinary about it. Both were perfectly paired with coffee.DSC_0227483290_396433847107971_703713016_nDSC_0213They also have Mocktails if you want something fun for your drink without alcohol. I forgot the names for both but these are their bestsellers. Both are highly recommended!DSC_0215Lola Cafe + Bar is a good restaurant you should try because of their good food, service and nice ambiance. It’s also not expensive and won’t burn holes in your pocket!

Photos courtesy of Lola Cafe + Bar

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