Cozy Malaysian-Japanese Knock! Knock! Coffee Bar


The smell of freshly roasted coffee beans wafted in the air and enticed me to visit a new cafe, Knock! Knock! Coffee Bar at Pantai Panorama Condominium during a sleepy, laidback weekend afternoon at the condominium I used to live in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Owned by a friendly Japanese woman married to a local for several years now, her quaint cafe is charming in its own way that’s quite homey and cozy for coffee lovers like me looking for a quiet sanctuary in the city for some down time after a busy day.


The designs are a mishmash of Japanese designs, a black and white photograph of Rio de Janeiro (which I love), and simple flower decorations on each table that changes every time I visit.


Yes, I became a regular since Megumi, the owner, and her cute Malaysian-Japanese son always entertain me with their fair share of stories and travels from living in Tokyo and Kuala Lumpur. What other way to start your day with her welcoming smile and hot coffee that definitely lifts you mood no matter how bad your day is?

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Her coffee beans are exported from Australia by her husband and I usually order her Cafe Latte or Hot Chocolate. I was hoping she got some coffee beans, Kapeng Barako or Alamid (the famous expensive wild cat coffee), from Philippines which are really good but sadly they don’t have it.  


Knock! Knock! Coffee Bar also has some baked goodies such as Biscotti, Sponge cakes, Chocolate Chip cookies and Quiche. The quiche won by far as it was so good, it was baked to perfection and leaves a comforting taste in your mouth and gives your tummy that satisfaction after a good meal–yeah, I almost cried.



This sign is one of her displays inside her cafe that makes any customers feel better after a long stressful day apart from how well she serves her customers. Truly, she pampers us by feeding us to the fullest with her pastries.

Some days, her husband pops in to teach and show their friends living inside Pantai Panorama how to make good coffee using the red coffee maker.

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So yes, rather than getting your daily caffeine fix at Starbucks for more or less RM15, this cafe won my heart any time I need to enjoy a hot cup of coffee and have good conversations from Megumi and her adorable son.


Visit the Knock! Knock! Coffee Bar

Owners: Daniel Liew Ming Ch’ze & Megumi

Address: Pantai Panorama Condominium, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Telephone #: +60122271334