Dreaming of the Next Travel Destination

Travelling is one of the things I always look forward to. Local or international travel is something I’ve been doing for several years now and still, I haven’t gotten enough–there’s still so much to see.

It’s been awhile since I got out of the country for a trip, roughly more than three years now. I’ve been mainly going around the Philippines, exploring the 7,107 islands (and counting) and experiencing the rich culture my own country has to offer.

I’ve thought of booking a flight abroad for a change but plans don’t always push through. I’ve delayed a trip to Hong Kong, Bali and other countries that are easier to go to. But local destinations have won over the years because of work, proximity or cheaper destinations and cheap flights.

Photo courtesy of BBC

If you ask me what’s my dream destination? There are so many but Spain, Australia and Morocco has always been on my top list. They say it’s free to dream right? There are other countries I haven’t been to yet but naming all won’t probably fit my article today. So choosing one, hard as it is, I’ll go for Spain as my dream destination.

Each and every country or city has it’s own distinct culture. Every time I visit other places before I always make sure I bring home and learn a thing or two, from culture, tradition, food, language, people, dancing, etc. Even in the Philippines, there are new things I always learn from all my travels.

It’s going beyond the mere surface of each destinations I visit. So why Spain? Well, it goes without saying that the Philippines was heavily influenced back in the olden days but mixed with the American culture.

Simply my name bears a Spanish influence, Remedios. Though we were born and raised in Manila, my relatives and grandparents have a Spanish influence in the way we talk though already mixed with old and modern Filipino. I find it interesting to dig deeper, to compare Spain’s own culture, food, language or people with ours.

See the iconic historical churches like Sagrada Familia

Photo courtesy of My Little Adventure

Immerse myself in nature with the breathtaking coastal view of Costa Brava or hike Montserrat

Photo courtesy of BCM Travel

Explore the royal palace of Alcazar of Segovia

Photo courtesy of Culture Trip

Eat authentic Paellas, Churros or drink Sangria

Photo courtesy of Food Network

Watch a Flamenco dance

Photo Courtesy of ISC Spain

Witness the night life in Ibiza

Photo courtesy of Lonely Planet

Listen to the people speak in Spanish (which I utterly miss when I had a chance to live briefly in Colombia for an internship with AIESEC)

The list goes on and on… As long as I gain new friends, learn their way of living and be able to share my experience during my travel, then I’m happy and satisfied to have an opportunity to do it!

So yes, one of these days if I get the change to book cheap flights through Skyscanner then I can say travelling to my dream destination/s is not a dream anymore but a reality!


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