Get Nostalgic at Casa Daza by Chef Sandy Daza

What evokes your childhood memory when you think of culinary shows and delicious food? Chef Sandy Daza is one of the most renowned food masters in the Philippines. I remember watching his show with my mom back in the 90s and she tried to recreate some of his recipes.

It was a trip back to memory lane when we spotted his new restaurant, Casa Daza by Chef Sandy, at the UP Town Center in Katipunan. It looks a bit expensive from the outside but to our surprised, their prices were affordable.

We weren’t able to get a picture of the menu or find any online but roughly their dishes starts at Php 200 and above. The interiors were beautifully designed with a modern and classic fusion, even the chairs remind you of your grandmother’s furniture.

The dishes on their menu aren’t too many so it wasn’t confusing on what to order. They serve Filipino food with a twist. We tried their best selling Crispy Pancit, an appetizer from their menu. It was quite a treat as it was so good, the smell wafting into your nostrils makes you want to finish the whole thing. It should be eaten right away to get that crispiness that makes the dish different from the usual pancit.

If you’re looking for a unique, healthy option, try their Brocolli Salad which has brocolli, anchovies and onions with a sweet sauce. It’s definitely scrumptious and different from the usual salads you’ve devoured at other restaurants.

For the classic Filipino dish, order their Adobo Flakes with Garlic Sauce. It veers away from the typical vinegar condiment and the Adobo was done perfectly. It’s also good but we still prefer vinegar with it.

Their Garlic Rice is quite a hefty serving, good enough for four persons. It’s also delicious to accompany their other dishes.

They serve a big glass of their own take on Iced Tea. Definitely not your usual Nestea drink that’s most often served in other restaurants.

They have good service with the friendly waiters and they serve food fast. If you’re craving for Filipino food and you’re a bit nostalgic, The HodgePodge Lifestyle recommends Chef Daza by Sandy Daza for a good restaurant in the city.

For more details, visit Chef Daza By Sandy Daza at:

Facebook: Chef Daza By Sandy Daza

Address: 2nd Level, UP Town Center, Katipunan Avenue