A Healthier Alternative to Barbecues at Greens Vegetarian Restaurant & Cafe


Photo courtesy of Greens Vegetarian Restaurant and Cafe

When people hear the word Vegetarian, meat lovers often think of bland food but there’s a Vegetarian restaurant tucked in the Scout area of Quezon City that serves great healthy food. Its original location was a few blocks away from where their restaurant stands now. I stumbled upon Greens Vegetarian Restaurant & Cafe during my high school days and that time, the old house turned into a restaurant was simple yet the ambiance is airy and green (no pun intended).


Upon entering Greens restaurant, the an assuming facade and quaint but lush garden will welcome you. They have a small veranda where you can eat if you want to dine al fresco but there are only a few tables so going there during lunch time is the perfect time to go so you can grab the tables outside. It’s a frequent dining place for residents from Quezon City so expect it to be packed any time during the week.


Photo courtesy of Greens Vegetarian Restaurant and Cafe

Inside Greens is a wooden cozy house painted in verde of course! There are a few tables with another room enclosed for private functions that’s ideal for intimate parties like birthdays or reunions–even a date night or perhaps a marriage proposal. There’s also a small section for several organic products from different merchants or producers which they sourced from different parts of the Philippines.


For starters, you can order their Three-For-All (Php150) appetizer wherein you can choose from the different dishes they serve. I suggest their Potato Patties (potato balls with cheese and fresh basil), Cheesy Soy Sticks (savory cheese sticks) and Fried Mushrooms (deep fried mushrooms) with tomato ketchup as dip. You can order any of these ala carte as well.

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The best dish which lures me back to this restaurant is their Greens Vegetarian Barbecue (Php 100) which is sweet and certainly tastes like a real barbecue so you won’t even know the difference. Certainly even your kids will love it! You can order it with brown rice or wheat bread. They also have a Barbecue Wrap (Php120) if you prefer it “Burrito style” but I still do recommend their barbecue with rice.

If you prefer pasta, they also serve different kinds of pastas (Php80 for Regular/ Php150 for Large) from Fresh Tomatoes & Basil, Primavera and Carbonara among others. They also have other main dishes such as Sisig (Php155), Adobo (Php145) or Kare-Kare (Php 160).

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Their Mint Iced is thirst quenching which is perfectly paired with any dishes on their menu. But if you’re a coffee lover, I suggest their Brewed Coffee (Php 50) or their Decaf Coffee (Php 60) and pair it with their “egg less” cakes (yes all their desserts are made without egg!) and a local sweet dessert in the Philippines, Taho (Php25)! For the complete list of their menu, you may visit Zomato.

Greens Vegetarian Restaurant and Cafe is definitely a restaurant that I will always dine in because of their very reasonably priced Vegetarian dishes that are delicious and a quaint cozy homey restaurant ambiance. Happy healthy eating!

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