Mouthwatering Breakfast Dishes at the Early Bird Breakfast Club

20151130_131933Are you a morning person? If you are then the Early Bird Breakfast Club is the perfect breakfast restaurant you should try in the city. They serve mouthwatering dishes that are available the entire day–nope, not only for breakfast.

The HodgePodge Lifestyle visited their branch at Eastwood City. Done in sweet baby pink walls with a bird and plants mural on one side of the wall, it’s a warm cozy ambiance upon stepping inside the restaurant. White picket fences separate one area that’s near the kitchen, as if it’s a quaint house. It’s a beautiful interior for dining and suits Instagram worthy photos.


Their Ultimate Grilled Cheese with Roasted Tomato Soup (Php325) was one of the best with it’s perfectly toasted sandwich full of oh so good mozzarella, cheddar and Gruyere cheese. It has sweet onion roasted relish complementing the salty taste of the cheese. It’s perfectly paired with hot tomato soup. It’s definitely one of the dishes you should try or eat every time you go back here–it’s a comfort food.


Their Lemon Butter Bangus (Php325) was delicious with the pan seared bangus fillets that’s drizzled with garlic butter topped with poached egg served with rice. If you love fish, it’s the dish to order from Early Bird Breakfast Club.


Complete your meal with their refreshing Lemon & Mint Iced Tea (Php95). Their serving is just right and fills you to the brim. We were already full even with these dishes. Next time, we’ll try more of their other food from the menu. They also serve Poached Salmon Aioli (Php310), Canadian Breakfast Waffles (Php365), Sunny Salpicao (Php345) and Early Bird Full English (Php495). For their complete menu, visit Zomato.


The HodgePodge Lifestyle recommends The Early Bird Breakfast Club. Their food doesn’t scrimp on taste and it’s worth every penny even if the prices are a bit higher than other restaurant because their dishes are delicious. If you love having a full meal to start your day, this is the place to be.

For more info about The Early Bird Breakfast Club, visit their website at:

Facebook: The Early Bird Breakfast Club