New Year’s Eve Traditions from Around the World


As a new year starts once again, there are so many traditions and folklore from different countries that are practiced to welcome the new year ahead. Find out what they are at The HodgePodge Lifestyle as we take you on a virtual trip around the world!


On New Year’s Eve, these are only a few things some people do and believe in, perhaps making welcoming the new year more fun. Well, why not right?


“3 2 1 HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! & kiss the person you want to kiss!

If New Year’s Eve night wind blow south, It reminds us of warmth and growth.

Vai-Sugar-in-Jars-2Fill your cupboards before the clock strikes midnight. Sugar, Pepper, Salt, check!

If the old year goes out like a lion, the new year will come in like a lamb.


So what will you do on New Year’s Eve to welcome 2015? Here are the different New Year’s Eve traditions around the world from Philippines, Spain, US to Pakistan, Iran, India and other countries welcoming the new year ahead!



7mtu9w-iWear Polka Dots and hang 1 bunch of 12 grapes at the main door of the house for good luck!


Suitcase-travel-31302401-360-273Run around the streets with your suitcase to travel again during the new year ahead!


Gun-Made-Out-Of-GunsIn ancient Thailand, guns were fired to scare demons away.

Latin America

pork-belly 20100723inseasonbepBlack-eyed peas and pork foretell good fortune.

North America

blower8Sirens and party horns are used as farewell to the former year


Church bells 4Italians let their church bells peal.


OliebollenEating ring-shaped treats mean “coming full circle” and leads to good fortune. In Dutch homes, these fritters are called olie bollen.


images (2)The Irish enjoy pastries called bannocks.


downloadThe tradition of eating 12 grapes at midnight comes from Spain.

India and Pakistan

Rosh-Hashanah-apple-honey-007Rice promises prosperity while apples dipped in honey are a Rosh Hashanah tradition.


13145Dollops of whipped cream, symbolizing the richness of the year to come, are dropped on the floors.


download (2)Wassail, the Gaelic term for “good health” is served in some parts of England.


roma-11053Gifts of gilded nuts or coins marked the start of the new year in Rome.


eggs-02Eggs, the symbol of fertility, were exchanged by the Persians.


sf17-194-2291s1Early Egyptians traded earthenware flasks.


Happy New Year!

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