Relaunching The HodgePodge Lifestyle after 3 years

It’s been a long time since I left blogging back in 2010 and that time I wasn’t earning from it as it was purely a hobby while I was still working for a well-known broadcasting network in the Philippines and in the international media industry, ABS-CBN, an American law firm with the marketing arm based in my country and at the same time as a correspondent for the oldest newspaper in my country, The Manila Times.

I was still covering several lifestyle events and working for one of the magazines of ABS-CBN but I found time to enjoy writing and photography on my own time. I also featured news and technology news because of the events and people I had to cover for the local broadsheet newspaper, The Manila Times. That time also I was writing a lot of legal articles for the American law firm so I was missing media work and since my passion is writing and photography, I still couldn’t veer away from what my heart tells me to do which is what I was and still am passionate about.

And so, to cut it short, as I may have been boring my readers already, the HodgePodge Lifestyle, as the name already describes it, will feature anything under the sun, from travelling; food; health; fashion; gadgets; to profiles of people; political issues and such, you name it.

For my initial blog posts which you may check out after this initial post, it is a good time to focus on my country and the latest devastating calamity we’ve encountered, Typhoon Yolanda (also known as Haiyan). I will still be posting about lighter lifestyle contents so don’t worry, you won’t get bored for sure.

I hope to see my former followers and of course, new ones as I take another journey in the world of blogging and continuing my passion as a writer and a photographer. Here’s to the relaunch of the HodgePodge Lifestyle website.