The Coffee Lure of Brew Atelier

What used to be just typical cafes now have changed the coffee industry landscape to third wave and specialty coffee. We’ve stumbled upon the Brew Atelier Coffee Studio in Quezon City.  It’s more than just a third wave cafe but it’s also where people convene with a common ground, their passion or love for coffee.

What makes this place stand out from the cookie cutter world of cafes that infiltrated the city is their warm welcome and good service. It’s where people can discuss freely anything under the sun, from coffee (of course) to political analysis. It’s also where we’ve met so many people with a mutual connection.

Brew Atelier is a great place to work at without feeling like you’ve over welcomed your stay. It’s a haven for people feeling the stress from working everyday and dealing with personal things in life. The relaxing ambiance and friendly people has certainly won us over, to the point we’ve actually stopped visiting other cafes we’ve frequented prior to discovering this hidden gem amidst the hustles and bustles of Manila. 

If you’re searching for a cafe that’s amenable to working online, Brew Atelier’s internet is fast and stable without any limit. 

… And that isn’t something you can find so often in the clusters of cafes in Manila or anywhere else, at least where we’ve been to.

The neighborhood cafe

But best of all, they do roast their own coffee beans and brew really good coffee. Certainly a cup of good pour over coffee will relax you. They don’t simply just serve a good caffeine fix but also they teach you different coffee techniques – from farming, roasting, grinding to brewing. They also have delectable sandwiches with bacon, mushroom, corned beef or cheese on sour dough or other good breads available that day.

If you’re looking for coffee beans from Mt. Apo and Myanmar, Brew Atelier sells their own products. What’s good is that you can get freshly roasted once, unlike in other cafes or resellers that sometimes stock their supplies so some are too stale already.

Brew Atelier owner TR (or Tito Ron in the industry) roasting coffee beans
Training our noses with these liquids in tiny bottles
Feel free to do some latte art at Brew Atelier

A coffee community

A full house at the Brew Atelier, despite its a bit secluded location, coffee lovers still manage to find this place, to the point that we’ve met people from provinces or farther cities. This is certainly one of the best cafes around the city that provides good service and coffee.

They are planning to move to a bigger place so they can whip up more food and cocktail concoctions. It certainly is something we’re excited to see in a few months from now.