Things You Need to Know About Pope Francis




Everyone is excited to welcome Pope Francis to the Philippines this January 15-19, 2015. But before we tune in, at least get to know the pope more with these trivia:

1. He speaks Italian, German and Spanish fluently. He knows basic English, French, Portuguese and the Piedmontaise dialect.

2. He lost a part of his lung because of infection when he was young.

3. “I love tango and I used to dance when I was young,” he told Francesca Ambrogetti and Sergio Rubin, the authors of his 2010 biography El Jesuita.

4. He had a girlfriend.  Yes a girlfriend (nope it’s not a typo everyone!) “She was one of a group of friends I went dancing with. But then I discovered my religious vocation,” he said to Ambrogetti and Rubin.

5. He was a bouncer in a Buenos Aires bar to earn money as a student. Yet again another surprising trivia of the Santo Papa!

So how well do you know your Pope?

Source: Telegraph