Top 10 Dog Tips for New Year’s Eve Fireworks

New Year’s Eve means loads of celebrations and fireworks everywhere and these drives dogs nuts with the squealing, explosives and endless noise amidst the darkened skies to celebrate the upcoming year ahead of 2014. Dogs are not too prepared for the random flashes, burned smells and loud noises from the celebration happening around the world.

And so, what to do to prepare them for the fun festivities tonight?


  1. First thing in the morning of December 31, take your dogs out for a walk for some exercise around the neighborhood so that he will be sleeping soundly at night when the fireworks begin.
  2. Put them in a room that can block out too much noise for their ears as dogs ears are more sensitive compared to human ears.
  3. Have some of their favorite toys, snacks and water prepared inside the room.New-Years-Dog-350x344
  4. Turn on the TV or play some music to drown the sounds of the fireworks outside your home.
  5. Keep him in a leash and close to you so that he won’t feel too threatened as he sees his human companion.
  6. Never take them out to watch the public fireworks display. 147379-425x282-Pooped-out-party-Terrier
  7. Don’t tie them on a leash¬†outside the garden or garage alone.
  8. Ensure that all dogs are inside the house to prevent them from inhaling the smoke from fireworks which can be hazardous to their health.
  9. Leave a light on inside the room so that the flashes from fireworks will not surprise them.
  10. Distract them by playing some games such as catch ball or giving them some dog treats.