Travel with Pikachu on a Pokémon Go City Tour

Pokemon Company

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Coinciding with Pokémon‘s 20th year anniversary is the sudden popularity of its new game Pokémon Go. Gamers have been addicted to the scavenger hunt game trying to catch all fictional creatures they can find. Created by Satoshi Tajiri in 1995 with Ken Sugimori as the creature designer.  Tajiri was said to have Asperger Syndrome which is a sub type of Autism and there were reports of parents’ children who plays the game which helps their kids in some ways.

I remember when I was young and I used to watch the TV show so hearing it again after two decades was a thrill as it was a trip down memory lane.  The Pokémon Company and Nintendo made the name ring again in 2016.

Pokemon Go Tours MM

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It has launched different craze and products to the point that now there are Pokémon Go Tours! In the Philippines, The HodgePodge Lifestyle stumbled upon one called Pokémon Go Tours Metro Manila.

Sold in the online shopping website CashCashPinoy, it’s a three hour fun-filled activity where you’ll travel to different PokéStops within the city. It includes your own driver while riding a private SUV, a tour guide, Wi-Fi, snacks and bottled water. One to five players are allowed to join per activity. Sounds fun!

Pokémon Go tours is sprouting a lot in different cities across the world from Philippines, Japan, US, Spain, Taiwan, etc. On the news, an Uber driver in the US brings his passengers to several stops while in Taipei, a bus tour brings you to selected places. It’s a crazy phenomenon happening to the point you’ll see different parks or streets filled with a huge amount of people trying to catch one or two.

Now you’re probably wondering where they are going during the tour. Will it be the same spots on your map or there will be special exclusive areas? The only way to find out is to join the tour. You’ll meet other gamers and know cool tips, even better if you can learn some historical facts too about the various locations.

How does the game work?


Photo courtesy of CashCashPinoy

  1. Download the app on your phone and create a profile where you can choose how you look like as a trainer–backpack and all that.
  2. The map will load and you’ll see all the PokéStops that has these creatures you’ll need to catch. The number of them you catch brings you to another level.
  3. Your first Pokémon will appear in front of you. Choose from Bulbasaur, Charmander or Squirtle. You can only get one and the others will disappear.
  4. But if you walk away from them for four times, you can catch Pikachu. 14124345_10153858742403657_1428136045067432173_o
  5. 13963091_10153838744378657_8032947561677217292_oOnce you see them, the ball will appear so launch it to hit them and capture. They can suddenly escape so make sure you catch them again by doing the same thing. You can even take a photo.
  6. Now, start hunting for others. Walk to PokéStops like the mall, parks, restaurants, etc.
  7. Use special items like incense to attract them within 30 minutes or use a Lure Module. Some are in your backpack but some has to be purchased with coins.

13996268_10153825699633657_5451497494868899870_oSM City North Edsa’s Pokémon Go Lure Party

These are just the basics but it will be fun to know how to begin. Prepare yourself for battles, wait for the creatures to evolve and reach the next level as you progress. All the great things about this game though comes with a safety hazard.


Photos courtesy of MMDA

Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) even released a reminder on what and what not to do for Filipino citizens. They even have their own gym to battle it out and test your skills! Have fun playing the game but keep in mind to stay safe all throughout out your scavenger hunt.

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