5 Valentine’s Day Quick Getaways

It’s already almost Valentine’s Day weekend as February 14 rolls by. It’s all hearts; flowers; chocolate and wine, Hallmark Holiday as they say, nonetheless those romantics at heart celebrate hearts day with their loved ones.

Looking through rose-tinted glasses, here are five Valentine’s Day quick getaway resorts nearby the bustling city of Manila. It’s still not too late to book a romantic weekend as you can still celebrate a romantic night or two even after the holiday weekend.

1. Casa Luminaria

casaIt’s private and near Manila, Casa Luminaria is merely a two to three-hour drive via SLEX. Casa Luminaria is homey and perfect for couples looking for a quiet getaway for two, a quick swim, dinner at their own private resort and communing with nature. It’s also good for those with a baby or two since it’s also a family house. So no need to worry about leaving your kids behind.

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2. Moon Garden


The charming Belgian and Filipino owners of Moon Garden welcomed me before with such warmth and good stories, making it harder for me to forget about this hidden getaway tucked in the quiet area of Tagaytay. It’s a romantic, quiet resort that’s done in a very artistic way with the paintings, sculptures and of course, their garden. If you prefer a unique and private getaway, the Moon Garden has it all. Also their organic food is quite good so it’s perfect for those looking for a healthy alternative to eating.

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Facebook: Moon Garden

3. T-House Tagaytay

tThe T House Tagaytay is along the popular road of Tagaytay and the zen vibe exudes from the entrance. Their accommodating staff and dog-friendly resort are two of the best things about T-House Tagaytay. They accommodate special requests too such as preparing a special cake for someone and the works. Their rooms and pool are gorgeous plus they have a spa too.

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4. Valentino Resort & Spa


Valentino Resort & Spa is not as expensive compared to other resorts in Batangas and Tagaytay. Their massage is quite cheap and good for the ambiance of this private resort. They have villas scattered around the resort with their very own spa and pool. It’s worth every penny!

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Facebook: Valentino Resort & Spa

5. Vieux Chalet & St. Moritz Inn and Spa


A quick drive to Antipolo has Manilenos raving about Vieux Chalet Swiss restaurant and it’s bed and breakfast counterpart, the St. Moritz Inn and Spa. Owned by a Swiss-Filipino family in Antipolo, it’s a romantic and cozy getaway with a beautiful night view of Manila. Definitely, a must-try for those not keen on driving too far from the city.

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View Chalet Swiss Restaurant 

St. Moritz Inn and Spa


Photos courtesy of the resorts


Happy Valentines Day!