6 Best Coffee Shops in Manila

Rainy days are here in Manila and a hot cup of coffee while listening to music gives off the cozy, warm feeling. What’s the best way to chill in the city without breaking your budget?

Drinking your favorite Latte, Cappucino, Flat White or Macchiato in some of the best cafes you can find in the metro.

Whether it’s your local homegrown cafe or Third Wave coffee shops, here are some of the best cozy spots you can try to warm you up during one of those cold, rainy days.

1. Echostore and Echo Cafe

Photo courtesy of Echostore Centris

Owned by the Filipino businesswoman Chit Juan, Echostore and Echo Cafe certainly has some of the best coffees in town with its cozy cafe and retail. They sell plenty of organic goods sourced out from around the Philippines and they carry their own line of products.

The HodgePodge Lifestyle recommends its personal favorites, Cafe Espagnola (Php85) and Iced Kapeng Pinoy (Php 115). If you want to take coffee home, the best ones are Echostore’s Benguet Arabica (Php165) and Bukidnon Arabica (Php165).

If you’re dining in, devour their delicious dishes such as the Pinoy Breakfast Homemade Tapa (Php275); Fresh Greens with Cashew and Dried Fruits (Php195); Four Cheese with Arugula and Honey (Php 195) and Vigan Longganisa (Php 275).

They also have Women in Coffee Benguet Peaberry (Php210), Peace & Coffee (Php 159) and Chit’s Coffee (Php159). Of course they have the Civet Coffee, Philippine Exotica- Pure Civet (Php895) for retail.

For the complete menu, visit Zomato.

Address: Eton Centris Walk; Salcedo Village; Serendra; Podium; Glorietta; Cebu; Davao

2. Whitewall Coffee

Photo courtesy of Whitewall Coffee

Whitewall Coffee is tucked in one of the less crowded areas of Centris Walk. It’s black and white interior sets a clean and classy ambiance that makes it one of the best places to sip hot coffee. It’s quieter than most cafe so if you prefer to spend some alone time, go on a date or chill with friends, then it’s a good choice.

Try their Latte (Php115) or Caramel Macchiato (Php120). They also have good Soy Garlic Wings (Php195). Order their Beef Tapa (Php130), Classic Carbonara (Php170) or Italian Chicken (Php175).

Their menu isn’t so long but good enough for a light meal. Their prices are quite affordable, considering its ambiance, so definitely having a good cup of coffee and devouring food won’t break your budget at Whitewall Coffee.

For the complete menu, visit Zomato.

Address: Eton Centris Walk, Quezon City

3. Cup Fiction

Photo courtesy of Cup Fiction

A relatively new cafe in White Plains, Cup Fiction is a cool cafe restaurant that boasts a good collection of books and board games on their beautiful wooden wall shelves. They also sell several books and other trinkets.

What’s good here? Their How Now Salpicao (Php230) and Flat White (Php 150). Try also their Single Origin Pourover (Php120). They also offer beers and cocktails apart from coffee.

If you’re looking for a cafe where you can study or work, Cup Fiction allows diners to do so. It has ample space with sockets and good WiFi.

For the complete menu, visit Zomato.

Address: 141 Katipunan Avenue, Whiteplains

4. Toby’s Estate

Photo courtesy of Toby’s Estate

It’s an Australian cafe to go to in Manila after a long, tiring day at work and wanted to unwind quickly with good coffee before going home. It’s also a nice hangout place for good conversations. with its classy black and white ambiance that’s cozy.

The ultimate favorite at Toby’s Estate is really their Chocolate Chip Cookie. It fits perfectly with their Latte (Php150); Flat White (Php150); Machiatto (Php110) or Cortado (php120).

The only thing missing here? The HodgePodge Lifestyle hopes they’ll open more branches in Quezon City!

For the complete menu, visit Zomato.

Address: V Corporate Center, Salcedo Village; Century City Mall; EcoTower, BGC; SM Aura Premier; Robinsons Cyberscape, Ortigas; Whitespace Manila; Senta Condominium; Shangri-La Plaza; Viridian in Greenhills; Shangri-la at the Fort; Veranda, Eastwood Mall; Serendra; W Fifth Avenue, BGC

5. Coffee Empire

It’s one of the best Third Wave Cafes in Manila where you can get a good cuppa with the best sourced coffee beans from Colombia, Brazil, South Africa and Philippines. The coffee machine, huge bag of coffee beans are stored in a glass room which you can see inside the cafe. That makes Coffee Empire stand out from other cafes in the metro.

Apart from coffee, they offer delicious food. Order the Flat White (Php145), Latte (Php145), Brewed By Hand (Php150) or Cold Brew (Php160). They have really good pizzas surprisingly. Pumpkin Soup (Php150)

Read The HodgePodge Lifestyle’s review on Coffee Empire. For the complete menu, visit Zomato.

Address: West Avenue; Venice Piazza, McKinley

6. The Urban Cafe

It’s another Aussie inspired cafe with their unique crocodile dishes. If you’re up for a unique dining experience, try the Farm Bred Croc Tapa (Php195), Urban Croc Burger (Php 170) or Dauntless Croc Sisig (Php195). For food, they have good Adobo Flakes Rice (Php150), Pasta Alfredo (Php150) or The Urban Clubhouse (Php150). Don’t worry! If you’re not into exotic crocodile cuisine food, they have regular dishes and they have one of the best coffees in town.

So what to try here? Cafe Mocha (Php110) or Cafe Late (Php90). They also have Iced Caramel Brittle (Php110) and Iced Americano (Php80).

The ambiance is warm and cozy with the well-crafted book and wine shelves made with black piping and wooden planks. They have also frozen goods for customers to take home with Crocodile meat and Hungarian Sausages. The wooden tables and colorful couches give a relaxing vibe. You can dine with your friends or go there in the morning to study or work.

Read The HodgePodge Lifestyle review on The Urban Cafe. For the complete menu, visit Zomato.

Address: Wilcon Branches