6 Beautiful Beach Summer Destinations in the Philippines

The sun, the sand and the sea–that’s what you can think of when you hear or see the word summer. Living in the 7,107 islands of Philippines, going to the beach is one of the favorite past times of Filipinos and expats. Here are six beautiful beaches you can visit apart from the usual Boracay or Puerto Princesa:

1. Caramoan Peninsula (Bicol)

Cheaper compared to visiting the popular tourist spots in Philippines, it’s a low key province in Luzon and not a party island which is perfect for hibernation from the city life. Take a plane to Bicol, a van to the port going to Caramoan and a boat ride afterwards. The islets of Caramoan are breathtaking and pristine compared to other islands in the country as it is not as touristy compared to others. There are islets that are bare and no other people are there so you can really enjoy and immerse yourself in nature. It’s one of my favorite places and so far one of the best beaches I’ve been to in Philippines.

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2. Calaguas Island (Bicol)

From Naga, take a road trip to Camarines Norte and a boat ride to Calaguas Island to see the much talk about beach destination for summer. There’s only one resort so far in the island and most tourists and locals camp at night. Imagine tents. bonfires and marshmallows. There’s no nice restroom or shower rooms but going old school with a bucket of water and the traditional pozo or water pump. The sunset is gorgeous and the night sky is full of stars twinkling against the dark sky as the moon shines bright.

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3. Sorsogon (Bicol)

Take a boat to Juag Lagoon Marine Sanctuary at Matnog, Sorsogon to feed the fishes and see different kinds of fishes in Bicol. It’s a refreshing and breathtaking view as you approach the sanctuary. There are fishermen guarding the area and guiding tourists arriving to witness it themselves.


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After the fish sanctuary, take a boat trip to Subic Beach where the sand turns pink because of the sun. Truly unique from other beaches as the sand is not simply the typical white or black sands seen from other destinations. Crystal clear ocean is soothing to the frazzled nerves of tourists coming from Manila.

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4. Arena Island (Palawan)

In Narra, Palawan, Arena Island Resort is a beautiful turtle island where one can take a day trip or overnight trip from the mainland. The resort is quiet and few visitors are there so you can enjoy a quiet time swimming at the beach and simply enjoying nature. Also guests are allowed to release baby turtles or also locally known as Pawikans to the sea. There are several fishes and other sea creatures which are taken care of the resort that are in the beach where staffs can take you there to check them out. It’s definitely a must see island and worth every penny from your pocket. 

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5. Sumilon Island (Cebu)

Sumilon Island Resort in Cebu allows guests for day trips or overnight. Though quite pricey for this honeymoon island, it’s still definitely worth checking. One of the bluest seas I’ve seen from the different beaches I’ve been to, the island is charming to any beach lovers venturing to a new destination. It’s serene and the sea is calming as only few guests are brought there by a private boat from the main port.

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6. Samal Island (Davao)

Although popularly known in the country, the Pearl Farm offers day trips apart from their overnight rates to guests. It includes a lunch buffet and the use of their resort facilities of the beach and water sports amenities. The resort may be old but it is well maintained by the owners and their staff. The food is sumptuous and there are so many delicious dishes guests can choose from. There are several beaches for guests, one for water sports while the other two are for swimming.

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Only six ultimate beach destinations in the Philippines out of 7,107 islands more to visit. Take a relaxing trip to relieve stress and recharge in these beautiful islands in the country. For sure, you won’t be sorry. “It’s [definitely] more fun in the Philippines!”

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