Things You Need to Know about Bataan Day (Day of Valor)

Today celebrates Bataan Day (April 9) in Bataan, Philippines and declared as a legal public holiday for everyone living in the country. War veterans and their families travel from all over the country to Mount Samat every year to remember and celebrate our soldiers’ bravery when they offered their lives for freedom during World War II.



Here are a couple of landmarks locals and foreigners need to know:

1. First Line of Defense Marker (Dinalupihan) 
This is the first strong line of defense of Philippines and USAFFE troops against the Japanese invasion during World War II.

dinalupihan bataan2. Democracy Marker 
The marker is between the provinces of Pampangga and Bataan located at the boundary which depicts the role of Bataan in the fight for freedom for the preservation of democracy.

democracy3. Death March Marker (Orani) 
It commemorates the fighting spirit of Bataan when the Death march marchers passed by on their way to the prison camp.

Bataan_Death_March_Kilometer_MarkerIt happened a couple of decades ago but it will always be a part of the Philippine history as Filipinos will not forget and celebrate it every year to thank our local heroes who fought for freedom for the country. Remember Bataan Day.



For more info on Bataan: Visit My Philippines (Department of Tourism website)

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