Chinese Lunar Year: What’s in Store for You in 2016?


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It’s the Chinese New Year once again for 2016 and everyone wants to have a better year ahead, who doesn’t? Whether you celebrate it because of tradition or merely because of the trend, you may want to know what’s in store for you for the Year of the Red Monkey.

Some people follow their Chinese astrology predictions while others read them out of curiosity. Which ever you are between the two, it’s not harmful to read a few tidbits about it as long as you use it as a guide and not totally rely on these predictions alone.

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Metal Rat (1960s); Water Rat (1972);  Wood Rat (1984); Fire Rat (1996); Earth Rats (1948)

  • Focus on completing pending projects. Be more patient to achieve success in your relationships–both personal and professional.
  • Relax as your health is very weak.
  • At the end of the Year of the Red Fire Monkey, expect good friendships at work.
  • Don’t ignore help from your friends and colleagues so you can continue to grow & succeed.


Metal Ox (1961); Water Ox (1973); Wood Cow (1985) Fire Ox (1937, 1997); Earth Oxen (1949)

  • There will be major changes in your life as other people will encourage you to pursue your goals or objectives.
  • Those who are single will possibly find someone.
  • Do not let stress lead to other illnesses.
  • Be careful while dealing with finances this year.
  • Use your intellect in decision making.
  • Avoid getting into into any legal hassles while helping others.
  • Be more optimistic & avoid spending time with opportunists.


Metal Tiger (1950); Water Tiger (1962); Wood Tigers (1974); Fire Tiger (1986); Earth Tiger (1938, 1998)

  • Look at the details rather than only seeing the bigger picture.
  • Make necessary changes to improve and becoming a better person for this year.
  • You will feel anxious and vulnerable which is a result in a feeling of depending on other people.
  • Be prepared by some obstacles you may encounter.
  • Peace of mind & optimism is important for 2016.


Metal Rabbit (1951); Water Rabbits (1963); Wood Rabbit (1975); Fire Rabbits (1987); Earth Rabbit (1999)

  • There may be difficult challenges to your relationships with your spouse.
  • In your career, learn to be contented with acceptable standards
  • Know your forte & finish jobs you can tackle within your capabilities.
  • New opportunities will arise so watch out for them!


Metal Dragon (1940, 2000); Water Dragon (1952); Wood Dragons (1964); Fire Dragon (1976); Earth Dragon (1988)

  • Take challenging jobs this year if you know you’re capable of doing them.
  • Open yourself to receiving help from others.
  • You’ll have better health & a good stamina this year.


Metal Snake (1941); Water Snakes (1953); Wood Snake (1965); Fire Snake (1977); Earth Snake (1989)

  • Explore new ways but don’t be hasty and scrutinize the situations.
  • Avoid being overconfident and committing to things you can’t finish.
  • Prepare for a hectic year but slow down your pace mid year as it may take toll on your health.


Metal Horses (1990); Water Horse (1942); Wood Horse (1954); Fire Horses (1966); Earth Horse (1978)

  • Be mindful of being too hyperactive this year. If you are, put it to good use with regards to your career.
  • It’s also a good year to do business deals and start your own business.
  • There’s a high probability in terms of dating and marriage.


Metal Sheep (1991); Water Sheep (1943); Wood Sheep (1955); Fire Sheep (1967); Earth Sheep (1979)

  • This year, you’ll be more financially and emotionally stable.
  • There may be big projects which will come your way. A financial windfall is expected.
  • It’s also a good year for romance whether you’re single or married.


Metal Monkey (1980); Water Monkeys (1992); Wood Monkey (1944); Fire Monkey (1956); Earth Monkey (1968)

  • It’s a favorable year for new business ventures or if you’re planning to change your career.
  • It’s the right time to tie the knot. Don’t be feel burdened though by past mistakes or experiences while entering a new relationship.
  • Set your financial goals.


Metal Rooster (1981); Water Roosters (1993); Wood Rooster (1945); Fire Rooster (1957); Earth Roosters (1969)

  • Handle your expenses and save money. Don’t overspend.
  • Watch out for stress and learn how to handle it well this year to avoid sicknesses.
  • Don’t simply commit to jobs on hand or demands of other people without analyzing them first.


Metal Dogs (1970); Water Dog (1982); Wood Dog (1994); Fire Dog (1946); Earth Dogs (1958)

  • Be calm and have clear mind when it comes to your career and decision making.
  • Do not let fights with your husband or wife ruin your marriage.


Metal Pig (1971); Water Pig (1983); Wood Pig (1995); Fire Boar (1947); Earth Pigs (1959)

  • There will be challenges this year but be optimistic and independent.
  • Have clear goals so you can achieve them.
  • Relationships will be more passionate this year.

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