Going “Mad For Pizza” with Toppings All You Want


I stumbled upon this pizza restaurant in Quezon City called Mad For Pizza after browsing through an online promo website. What caught my eye is they have a Toppings All You Want pizza and when I read reviews online, they pretty have good feedbacks so I decided to buy their promo of a free Justin’s Favorite pizza when you buy their Toppings All You Want pizza.

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The location of their restaurant is easy to find since it’s at Il Terrazo in Tomas Morato. It’s a well-lit interior with a huge sign of Mad For Pizza on its facade. There were a few customers when we went there.


We were given a checklist of the 40 toppings you can choose from. You can have them all (I’m not sure if that will make a good tasting pizza though) or only choose the toppings you like.


First step is to choose what dough you like. They have Classic, Herb, Garlic Parmesan and Spinach Dough. The next step is to choose the sauce you want with your pizza. Choose from House Pizza Sauce, Roasted Garlic Alfredo, Fra Diablo and BBQ Sauce. Finally, choose from their toppings such as different kinds of cheese, bell peppers, onion, Italian Sausage, grilled chicken and Pepperoni among others.

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It turned out pretty good and it was better than Justin’s Favorite pizza.

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I loved their Fried Mac n’ Cheese which actually looked more like fried tofu.

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Their Spaghetti Bolognese was okay but don’t expect huge meatballs though.

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They have other dishes apart from pizza such as salads, Classic Fish and Chips, Tennessee Pork Spareribs, Amboy “Angus Beef Belly in Adobo Sauce” and Chicken Crispers. We didn’t tried these dishes since we were pretty full already with what we ordered. They also have beers perfect to pair them with the pizza. All in all it wasn’t really wow, their food is alright and the prices are affordable. Will I go back there again? Maybe if I happen to pass by the area again but it’s not a pizza restaurant that I would crave and venture to out of the blue.

For more details, you may visit:

Facebook: Mad For Pizza


5 thoughts on “Going “Mad For Pizza” with Toppings All You Want

  1. These “make your own” restaurants are all the rage these days. The hubby and I were crazy about Burger Project and Project Pie earlier this year. It’s good to see more competition… all the better for us!
    –> Mrs. Diaz

  2. I loved everything about Pizza! I hope I can try this one too. Just a suggestion, maybe you could change the background of your site to a lighter colour or you can change the font text colour to white so we can easily read your blog.


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