Greece Inspired Bellarocca Island Resort and Spa

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Santorini in Philippines? Yes, it’s true if you go for vacation at Bellarocca Island Resort and Spa, it will surely feel like you’ve gone to Greece (only cheaper than actually going there). It was the perfect hideaway for a quite and relaxing vacation away from everything else but purely luxury and comfort. Indeed, it was paradise upon stepping on the island’s shores. image_4 (3)Bellarocca Island Resort and Spa‘s staff serenaded us with music and flowers upon arrival and their general manager lead us to their reception area where we were given fresh orange juice to freshen ourselves from our trip from the airport to the island.

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Their staff fetch us with golf carts to bring us to our rooms which you can also used to drive around the island. We stayed at their hotel while our friends stayed at their villas. After unpacking our bags in our rooms, we went around the resort and check out their facilities. We were lucky because we had the resort almost to ourselves since there were only a few guests at that time staying at Bellarocca Island Resort and Spa.


I love their swimming pools which were scattered around the island, one nearer their reception area, another at the hotel and also at the villas which were private infinity pools (it’s not advisable to book here though if you have kids because they might fall off the cliffs beside the pool in the villas. It’s best to get the hotel room if you are with your kids.)

image_5 (3)They have lounge chairs scattered around their pools that are comfortable for chilling, eating or reading a book.
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They also have a spa privately nestled on the higher areas of the island. You have to climb up a few stairs to get there but don’t worry it’s worth it since it’s away from the view of other guests and definitely no one can disturb you there while you’re having a blissful massage.


 The Villa


What’s perfect about their villas is the infinity pool with an awesome view of the ocean. ?????????????????


The villa has it’s own living room, kitchen, dining area, two bedrooms and bathrooms. GE DIGITAL CAMERAGE DIGITAL CAMERA

 The Hotel

BellaRoccaDeluxeRoomI prefer their hotel rooms over their villas because it felt more like you’re on vacation rather than being at home. One thing though that I wasn’t comfortable with was the bathroom with its glass wall despite it’s curtain, I was paranoid people outside it can still see me inside while taking a bath hahaha! Well, I guess it’s perfect for honeymooners though.GE DIGITAL CAMERA?????????????????

The Food


I must say they serve good food. We had fresh fruits, pasta and Cordon Bleu. Their servers were pretty attentive and prompt in giving us our orders (or maybe it was prompt because we were only a few guests that time).

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?????????????????All in all it was a worthwhile visit at Bellarocca Island Resort and Spa. They have beautiful facilities and amenities perfect for a quiet and relaxing vacation. Their service is impeccable which makes splurging your money on this vacation alright. Though I wish they have a bigger shoreline for swimming.

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