Learn from Real Madrid at the Goooal: The Real Madrid Foundation Clinic this Summer!


The scorching heat, schools are out and sunny summer days are here again. What’s a better way of spending the next few months instead of being a couch potato all day right? There’s a fundraising football clinic where you can participate, learn and help less fortunate children at the same time from Nasugbu, Batangas this April.

Aptly named as the Goooal: The Real Madrid Foundation Clinic, the proceeds will go to the Volun2rism Program, particularly the Real Madrid Foundation Social Sports School, in Nasugbu to encourage these children in continuing their training in football. It’s not a cheap sports to begin with so definitely all the help they can get will matter and give them more avenue to pursue their dreams and passions in life.ECL Cam2 02212014 176

A collaboration between Fundacion Santiago and the Fundacion Real Madrid, they are keen on helping these children in learning football through Goooal: The Real Madrid Foundation Clinic. Real Madrid provides them not merely just knowledge but also football equipments from trained volunteer coaches every other weekend.

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So to further widen their reach, Real Madrid decided to partner with a local NGO through Fundacion Santiago. The football camp will run from April until May wherein the coaches from Real Madrid will be flying in the country this summer to train the participants themselves. It’s open for both the youth and coaches in the Philippines. Certainly, it’s not everyday you get to meet Spanish coaches from abroad so if you’re passionate about football and helping less fortunate children then it’s the perfect avenue for anyone.



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Fundacion Santiago‘s advocacy is to “bring about the vision of the complete Filipino, a person who, through knowing himself, is able to develop his own person and the others around him.”

Since 1993, their development programs Community Based Heritage Tourism (CBHT) and Volun2rism are able to help people from different walks of life.

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CHBT gives more awareness by opening their eyes to culture, history and the environment which is so rich in this country. Volun2rism gives travellers the opportunity to educate, share and know more about our country’s culture and heritage by visiting different parts of the Philippines.

ECL Cam2 02212014 064It’s the fulfillment of seeing these children with smile on their faces and enjoying their weekends by playing football that certainly warms your heart. Spending time with them and having that satisfaction of teaching them, bonding with them and giving them a part of your hectic day that makes spending some time under the heat of the sun definitely worthwhile! And also Real Madrid, enough said!

Photos courtesy of Erik Liongoren and Fundacion Santiago

For more details, you may visit:

Facebook: Goooal: The Real Madrid Foundation Clinic

Website: Fundacion Santiago; Real Madrid 

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