One Bag, One Book at a Time for KatchACanvas

10940557_779441808796619_8611534660281990417_nBooks, children and canvass bags, what could interrelate these three you ask? I stumbled upon KatchACanvas at UP Town Center this weekend and the owners of this business are quite inspiring.

Their story goes as preschool teachers cum business adventurers who are passionate about helping children develop a love for reading.

It’s not everyday you meet people who are genuinely interested in helping out since most businesses these days are centered on earning profit or getting their return of investments hopefully in a span of two to three years.10407518_777614575646009_1030310922976102636_n

KatchACanvas will donate one book per canvass bag or two bought which will be given to a public school in your name in the Philippines.

This advocacy touches my heart as I started reading books at a young age and until now it’s still quite an addictive hobby that titillates your mind and stirs your vivid imagination to the point that it goes beyond reading English and Filipino books since I started reading Spanish books too (tough but it takes enough passion and practice with the latter!).

Another unique quality I love about KatchACanvas is how their designs are illustrated by the owners themselves and also other illustrators from different parts of the world so for a reader, a traveler and people who love children, certainly you’ll feel that particular tug in your heart after talking to the owners and seeing their fruits of labor.

11051890_803592603048206_1047668504021803479_nSo after your weekend food trip at the UP Town Center, why not visit bazaar this weekend and see for yourself what I’m talking about and help those kids learn to love reading more with their.

Photos courtesy of KatchACanvas

For more info, you may visit:

Facebook: KatchACanvas

Contact Nos.: +639176600527