8 Mother’s Day Perfect Gift Ideas

Mothers are the ones taking care of us since we were still inside their wombs, They ultimately deserve being pampered after all the hard work and sacrifices they put into rearing us. So during this Mother’s Day, why not do something special for her. If you’re still cramming to find the perfect Mother’s Day gift or don’t want to repeat the same gift you gave her last year, read on for different Mother’s Day gift ideas from The HodgePodge Lifestyle.

Breakfast in Bed

Breakfast in bed

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Rarely do moms get to take a break from cooking for their family so for this special day, why not prepare some breakfast in bed. Cook her favorite food like bacon, eggs and toasts with fresh fruits and coffee. She will be thrilled to have a special treatment to start her morning.


bells at killcare

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Bring your mom to a spa to have either a relaxing Swedish massage, coffee body scrub or manicure and pedicure (perhaps even all of the above if your budget allows). She needs time to unwind and enjoy a relaxing “me” time since your mom is always busy taking care of the family.



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Travelling is one of the best gifts you can give to your mom. If your budget is not limited, take her to a trip to the beach, the mountains or go on a road trip to a nearby travel destination. Perhaps bring her to luxury resort or join a sightseeing tour at a local destination or a country she wants to visit ever since you can remember.

Dinner Cruise

hulu trip

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Do something unique instead of the usual dinner at a restaurant or hotel. Have dinner on a cruise as you enjoy devouring sumptuous meals with the relaxing ambiance of the ocean and the city lights. Even better if you can have sunset dinner cruise so she will love the view of the sun setting while dining.


scrapbook crazyPhoto courtesy of Scrapbook Crazy

You don’t have to spend so much and as they say, “It’s the thought that counts”. Make her a scrapbook full of photos of your family. Gather photos from travels, celebrations, dinners, etc. and add some decorations like stickers, ribbons, ticket stubs or whatever you feel like adding. She will for sure love it and feel touched by the sweet gesture.

Cooking Class

catering by mario

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If your mom loves to cook, enroll her in a cooking class so she can master more delicious dishes. She will also meet other mothers during the class. It is a good way to destress and enjoy her time while learning new dishes and having new friends.


digital trends

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Treat your mom to a shopping spree and let her choose anything she wants to buy whether it’s clothes, shoes, bags or beauty products. If your budget is not a problem, then she will have fun treating herself to things that she loves.

Mom’s Day Off

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Let her take the day off and do the household chores instead for Mother’s Day. Clean the house, take out the garbage, do the laundry and do the other things she does everyday. For sure, she will appreciate it and will have time to relax instead doing things she doesn’t get to do because she’s so busy at home.