Mouth-Watering Empanadas at Fariñas Ilocos Empanada

DSC_1335You don’t have to travel far to get a bite of the famous Ilocos Empanada as Fariñas IIocos Empanada are as good as those made from the northern side of the country. It took us awhile to try this simple restaurant serving more than just empanadas but also other Ilocano and Filipino dishes.


Interiors done in orange like the color of the Empanada in Ilocos, it’s quite catchy yet unassuming. Their branch in West Avenue is frequented by locals working nearby especially during merienda (coffee break).

DSC_1331 DSC_1339A Spanish influence, empanada is a stuffed bread either baked or fried. The filling varies from different regions or countries from meat, vegetables, egg, cheese, etc. Some uses vinegar or salsa as dip.

The best is their Ultimate Empanada (Php99) which has egg, Bagnet, Longganisa and vegetables. They serve it hot and fresh from the frying pan. It’s crunchy from the outside and once you bite into it, the taste of Bagnet is the first thing you’ll savor as the blending of all other ingredients make it even more delicious.

They also have Ordinary Empanada (Php40) which is made of simple vegetable and egg. If you’re a bit worried about cholesterol then this is a better choice. Apart from these two, you can choose between Special (Php50), Extra Special (Php69) and Super Special (Php80) Empanadas. If you want to add cheese simply add Php20 to your selected empanada.DSC_1333DSC_1342It’s definitely better devoured with salsa as you can choose from either spicy or not spicy options from Fariñas IIocos Empanadas. It certainly makes the empanada even more delicious and the spicy flavor makes you want to eat more.DSC_1338 If you prefer a heavier meal, try their Pancit Bagnet (Php140) with its crunchy Bagnet, boiled sliced egg, vegetables and Pancit noodles. It’s very delicious and not too oily. They don’t scrimp on ingredients making this dish worth ordering.DSC_1341These dishes are best paired with ice cold Coke. They also have other soft drinks and coffee available. If you want to try other dishes, they have other Ilocano dishes available like Igado, Dinakdakan, Poqui-Poqui and also other Filipino food.
DSC_1334You can bring home other products like Basi (liquor from Ilocos), Sukang Iloko (vinegar from Ilocos), Banana Chips, Kamote Chips or Chichacorn.


How cool is their tip box? It’s a small gas tank replica on their counter. Since I wasn’t able to try their other dishes, perhaps next time I’ll order different dishes to satisfy my palate. If you’re looking for a simple and cheap restaurant with good food, Fariñas IIocos Empanada is the place to go.

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