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You know how some people dread working out? There’s an exercise app called KFit that’s quite new that might motivate you if you’re one of them. Curiosity got the best of me as I stumbled upon this app on Facebook as it was advertised so frequently.

I used to hate exercising as I was lazy to haul my body off the couch and go to the gym or even go running outside. Before I would exercise for only a short period of time then totally stop for a long time. It all changed last year when a friend of mine invited me to go to the gym to exercise with her. It was a good thing I did as I love to eat and since we’re not getting any younger, it’s best to really start having a healthier lifestyle.

It was probably Zumba that made me exercise continuously for more than a year now. It’s fun and reminds me of my days in Latin America. I mix it with Yoga, running on the treadmill and lifting weights. I try my best to eat healthier food (though still working on it as I still love Pizza and Bacon hahaha!). I’ve tried working out without doing weights exercises and eating a balance meal but I’ve proven that getting a healthier body won’t be achieved if you do everything I’ve written above. I’m still on the road to achieving the fitter body and I still need to do a lot of work.


So back to KFit. I find this app pretty cool as it allows users to go to different gyms, studios, health clubs, (and yes surprisingly) swimming pools, shooting ranges, archery ranges, etc. They have different classes from Zumba, Yoga, CrossFit, Gym, Archery, Swimming, etc. I got their Basic Membership which is free and gives you one free class every month. They also have an All Access Membership wherein you’ll pay Php999 per month by paying using a credit card, debit card or thru Paypal. It’s auto-renewable every month.

KFit have several promos. You can refer a friend and both of you will earn Php200 for your All Access Memberships. When I first registered, they had a free one month class if I sign up for an All Access Membership. It’s auto-renewable for the following month. They also have tie ups with Uber (Php249) and BPI (Php199 for first time users) wherein you can use promo codes to avail them.

You can pay using credit card, debit card or Paypal. I’ve tried using KFit three times already and so far so good! So how does it work exactly? Imagine if Uber became KFit, it’s a bit similar but here let me show you how. After downloading the app to your phone, simply register. Once you’re done, you can use the app already.


It should show above that you have one free class available but since I’ve used mine already for this month, it shows I’ve used it. This is for the Basic Membership but basically it should look almost the same for the All Access Membership except perhaps for the note above.

You’ll see the different categories KFit have. Yoga & Pilates, Dance & Zumba, Bootcamp & CrossFit, Gym, Martial Arts, Strength & Conditioning and Sports & Leisure. My screen capture can’t get all of them in one frame but they’re altogether in one page.

12214263_10153237126278657_2087425249_o (1) You can also view it by date so different classes are compiled will appear with the schedule of each class, the gym or studio, location, time and address. If you noticed the star above, it means you can only join that particular class if you have an All Access Membership. Before they didn’t have that option but now they changed it to having some classes that are only available for those members paying every month.12213895_10153237126233657_1216834867_o Another way to view it is by looking at the map where all gyms or dance studios are located. Now they have so many gyms and dance studios who are members compared to before when I first started. I prefer the category view though as it’s easier for me to spot the classes I want.


Once you’ve selected which activity you want to join, you’ll have to click on the Reserve Activity button. Here you’ll also see the description of each classes so you’ll have an idea what will happen if you join the class.12218945_10153237126198657_1918181711_oOnce you’ve reserved the class, you’ll see this page but instead it will show reserved if I remember correctly. Here it says completed as I’ve already attended this class. They send reminders via e-mail and on the app itself so you won’t forget it, complete with the type of class, location, address and phone number.  It also gives you a link on several tips to fully enjoy exercising.

I haven’t had a bad experience so far when I attended classes in different gyms or dance studios. When you arrive at the place, tell the receptionist you’re availing the class under KFit. She’ll ask for your ID to confirm your name. One of the dance studios asked me for the confirmation message sent to my e-mail or in the app but not all of them did. They have a registration sheet separate for KFit members where you’ll register before each class.

12109302_10153354209753425_7498639744884450702_nPhoto courtesy of The Roxy Events and Party Venue
12011201_1024272240965150_2713244315085701412_nPhoto courtesy of WellFitt Fitness Center

Photo courtesy of Master Mix Footworks and Wellness Center 

These are the three dance studios I’ve tried so far since I’ve became a KFit member, WellFitt Fitness Center, Master Mix Footworks and Wellness Center and The Roxy Events and Party Venue. So far I had fun and eventually I also brought my friend along who loves exercising as well.

It’s worth it since if you break down the Php999 monthly membership, it’s really cheap considering you get to try different activities and places so you won’t get bored. It’s pretty cool apart from the usual exercise classes, they also have archery, swimming, gun shooting, sports massage, etc. It covers different places in the metro so it’s quite convenient if there are places you can go to near your house or work.

KFit-App-Interface-Screenshots-1Photo courtesy of Girls Got Curves

But I’m still waiting for KFit to change their auto-renewal of membership option as it would be more convenient for me not to have a payment that’s automatically charged the next month to my credit card, debit card or Paypal account to avoid the hassle of having the membership cancelled in case I don’t want to continue anymore.

Though you have the option to e-mail them a request to cancel one week before your membership expires but still I think it’s better to change this option of auto-renewing or at least have a cash payment system as well. I really hope in the future they will change it as I’m interested to avail their All Access Membership but this is hindering me from doing so.  Perhaps they can also have a cash payment option. I also hope they don’t remove the Basic Membership option once their app becomes more popular and they’ve gained a lot of users.

Nonetheless, KFit certainly encouraged me to continue exercising and made it more fun to do so! It’s worth trying out this cool app and have a healthier lifestyle. Apart from having a healthier body, exercising also improves your mood as serotonin is released when you exercise thus making you happier. I’m less cranky and I feel better after working out. I hope more gyms or dance studios near me join KFit so I can try other locations to become fit and healthy.

For more info, you may visit KFit at:

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