Amici, Tuloy Foundation collab with new Italian menu

Amici‘s Executive Chef Paolo Moran created the newest menu additions for the well known Italian restaurant. Together with Tuloy Foundation, both collaborate as they whip up sumptuous Italian dishes while helping the street kids.

As the creative mind and careful hands behind Amici‘s fresh seasonal menu, Chef Moran puts his heart by creating a menu that is authentically best when shared. He immersed himself in restaurant kitchens in Florence and Sicily to absorb the culinary traditions of true Italian cooking. For every menu items ordered, Php10 will go to Tuloy Foundation to help support a special project to help give street kids a second chance.

Chef Moran’s new dishes at Amici

Seafood Diablo  Php 378

The Seafood Diablo is for seafood lovers with a spicy kick. Clams and scallops in tomato and cream sauce on spaghetti sautéed with chili flakes and chili oil for an added spicy bite. If it’s too spicy, you can request for them to whip up a milder version of the dish.

Pasta Nero (Squid Ink Pasta)  Php 398

Pasta Nero is a squid ink and pomodoro sauce mixed with spaghetti topped with crunchy calamari and garlic aioli.

Bacon & Cheese Gnocchi (pronounced: Nyok-ki)  Php 368

Bacon & Cheese Gnocchi (Nyokki) is a traditional Italian style pasta pillow made of potato and has a slightly chewy texture. The pasta is handmade from scratch. Sauce is a scrumptious cheesy combination of asiago cheese and parmesan, topped with bacon and basil.

(Available only in Alabang Town Center, Ayala Triangle and Greenhills)

Spicy Italian Sausage Php 468

Spicy Italian Sausage dish with asiago cheese, mozarella, cream and caramelized onions, added with a side serving of honey. This is recommended only for those with higher tolerance levels of spiciness. If it’s too spicy, you can request for them to whip up a milder version of the dish.

The Italian Burger  Php 368

Italian Burger’s beef patty is mixed with Italian sausage & seasonings, and topped with fried onion rings, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato between butter toasted brioche buns and served with a side of potato wedge fries.

Press release & photos courtesy of Amici

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