Delicious Filipino Cuisine at Limbaga 77

10294332_394224107430899_5737763440147833449_nIn an area full of rows of restaurants, it’s certainly a tough neighborhood to compete in for a fairly new restaurant like Limbaga 77. An old charming house turned into a homey, traditional restaurant, they made a good job of refurbishing something old into something new in Scout Limbaga in Quezon City.


What used to be a former living room and dining room became the restaurant’s dining area, the former garage and veranda became the restaurant’s dining area for those who smoke or prefer an outdoor ambiance to their dining experience, two function rooms for private events, two bathrooms–yes, it’s quite a roomy restaurant that has it’s classic appeal with an airy ambiance.DSC_0233

Their food is delicious. I wasn’t expecting much since Filipino cuisine isn’t really my favorite (yes, I know it’s sad) but it exceeded my expectation, competing with the notion that the best local food is only from your own mother’s kitchen.


First off was the their very own Limbaga 77 Salad (Php377) which has romaine lettuce, jicama strips, red onion, ripe mango, caramelized banana, shrimps, kesong puti, cashew nuts and bagoong dressing. It was pretty good especially because of the really fresh shrimps, hint of the sweetness coming from the mango and banana mixed with the salty taste from the kesong puti and the bagoong dressing.


Their Fresh Lumpia (Php 277) was pretty good and big enough for two to three persons. The vegetables were fresh and the sauce was delicious.DSC_0242This is a favorite of mine from all the dishes we tried at Limbaga 77. It’s a first time for me to try Galunggong rolled into nuggets and it was very yummy. Their Galunggong Nuggets (Php 277) is perfect for an appetizer.

DSC_0246DSC_0243Their Crispy Pata (Php577) is also a big serving that’s good for two to three persons. It was alright, just like other ordinary Crispy Pata, and nothing really special about it though. Same with their Pork Sisig (Php377).DSC_0245You have to order Plain Rice (Php57) since their dishes don’t come with any.
DSC_0247We also tried their dessert of Chocolate Cake after the main meal which we paired with Brewed Coffee. Their Chocolate Cake was pretty good with rich moist chocolate. They use Panocha to sweeten their Brewed Coffee. I still prefer using sugar though.DSC_0249

L77 Main Menu-FINALlowresNotice their menu and how all their prices are always ending with the number 7? 

It’s a great place for dining with family and friends because of the great ambiance and delicious food. Definitely a good place to try in Quezon City the next time you decide to dine out!

Photos courtesy of Limbaga 77 and Spot

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