It’s more than just All Day Breakfast at B & P


A sunny ambiance, mouth watering food that will not break your budget, impeccable good service and not too crowded restaurant are what B & P All-Day Breakfast has to offer. Instantly, it became an favorite food joint to dine in around the neighborhood. Emphasizing on scrumptious breakfast dishes, it’s the perfect spot for easy Sunday morning meals, catching up with old friends, simple family birthday celebrations or after mass lunch.


The first time I stumbled upon this restaurant at Il Terrazo in Tomas Morato, there were only a handful of diners on a Sunday. We were looking for a place to eat prior to going to the airport to pick up my cousin and her husband who were arriving from abroad.

After that, we kept coming back when we’re around the area. Once, Filipino actress Jessy Mendiola was also dining at the restaurant after her workout (assuming as she was dressed in workout clothes) with probably her coach as they were talking about exercising and such. Amusingly, their staff were distracted (but their impeccable service weren’t at all affected) because her beauty was simply mesmerizing.


Photo courtesy of B & P All-Day Breakfast

So what to eat? Don’t worry because they serve more than just breakfast. The meals are big enough for two, especially if you don’t eat a lot. It’s very filling and worth every single penny.


We tried their Bistek Bangus Belly (Php 195) which is a pan fried Bangus, scrambled eggs and pickled relish served on top of honest to goodness Adobo Rice. I bet you’re feeling hungry already just by looking at this photo.


Primera Tapa (Php 295) is quite good as B & P uses Prime Angus Beef Tapa, scrambled eggs and pickled relish also on top of Adobo Rice but with vinegar for dipping. The blending of Tapa with the relish, eggs and rice was just right. Also, it’s not too salty and oily–which is a definite no-no,  It’s quite hard to finish everything because it’s very filling and flavorful.20160313_125751

One of my favorite dishes from B & P is their Mang Benedict’s (Php 285). Apart from its quirky name (who is he anyway?), definitely it’s a different presentation of the typical Egg Benedict because it has Chicken Longganisa, Poached Eggs, Hollandaise Sauce, Mango Salsa and Malunggay Pan de Sal. Although, they served mine with a regular garlic bread probably because they run out of the other original bread it was supposed to come with. It’s utterly divine and definitely a hard to forget type of dish I must say.


Crab and Tuna Top (Php 195) is a delicious crab meat and tuna soft omelette that’s lightly drizzled with soy aoili, which is served on top of the steak rice. A unique take on seafood which will fit diners who are pescetarians (people whose diet involve seafood but not meat).


Fish N’ Chips (Php 240) is a bit on a different preparation as its beer-battered White Cobbler fish fillet served with Tartar Sauce, lemon and Camote Chips instead of the usual potato. The taste of beer isn’t overpowering and mixes well with the salt pepper seasoning of the fish fillet. Most importantly, it’s not too oily. If you’re craving for an English dish then order this.

20160127_125915Pair all these delicious dishes with their House Blend Iced Tea available in glass (Php 60) or carafe (Php 160). They also have other drinks such as juices, soft drinks or liquors. For their full menu, you may visit Zomato to check them out.

Definitely, there are still a lot of dishes I want to try at B & P. I’m curious about their unlimited desserts with coffee. Hopefully, they still have it when I get the chance to go back though I’m assuming their cakes and coffee are quite as good as well.