Let’s Travel Around the World via Booking.com

ffbc7ba9ecabd7b583e5d7366fd950dfI’ve always loved this quote from Saint Augustine and yes, it’s true based on my experience that to travel is the best way to explore new places, immerse oneself in a different or diverse culture, taste a local food and learn a new language.

Whether to travel to a foreign land, a local destination, a remote island or the snowy mountains, whatever your heart’s desire is—it’s possible as long as you make it happen. Travelling most often is viewed by others as an expensive luxury. These days at the technology has connected people and simplified a lot of things, it has also made travelling easier.


Before I was hesitant to use online travel booking site where bookings of airplane, hotels or tours are not done directly with the companies. But after caving in to my friend’s persuasion to try it, I finally did with the first trip to Penang, Malaysia booked through Booking.com.

We booked using our friend’s credit card for a backpacker’s hostel that’s good for more or less 8 people. I was in a Cultural Exchange program of AIESEC that time and we were used to backpacking to different destinations during the weekends exploring new places and having unforgettable adventures.


It was a simple backpacker’s hostel near the beach and restaurants. It was also near bus or taxi stops so it transportation was very accessible. Our room was comfortable with double deck beds and one single bed. It also has an aircon, a TV with cable, free WiFi and a private washroom with hot and cold shower. It was cheaper than getting a room in a hotel.

Hawaii-For-Summer-Vacation-1728x1080Booking.com has discounted rates for different from more than 400,000 hotels, hostels, apartments, villas among others in United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Brazil, China, France, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Thailand, Philippines and other countries.



Booking.com is easy to use since you can simply select your preferred accommodation by clicking it. There are reviews so it really helps your decision to choose the best option. It tells you the amenities, inclusives, prices and other details. It also shows you the price and how much discount you have. Paying can be through credit card but some allows cash payment.

Whether you want a vacation at the beach, mountain or a winter destination, Booking.com have so many choices so it’s really a good alternative to direct booking. We also used Booking.com when my family went to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Singapore and Palawan, Philippines for vacation.

In Kuala Lumpur, we stayed at a 3-star hotel and we got a great deal because we were booked at two adjoining family rooms that was comfortable and looked like a 5-star hotel. In Singapore, our hostel was simpler but located at the downtown so it was good because it was cheaper to buy things there and it was near the public transportation. In Palawan, we booked at a small new hostel that had a quaint garden and really good service. The room was comfortable for three people and it also had breakfast.


So now that I’ve tried Booking.com, I won’t hesitate anymore to use it again for my future travels since it was worth it and I can get discounts as well.OB-QF340_newham_G_20111020193833Knowing that their brand is recognized around the world, gave me an assurance that I won’t get ripped off and I know who to contact in case of problems. But so far I haven’t encountered any since I booked with Booking.com.
Mammoth-Mountain From popular hotel brands such as Hilton, Holiday Inn or Intercontinental Hotels and Resorts to budget accommodations, Booking.com have so many available options. 15_Vacation_Spots_with_Her_

So now, all I have to do is imagine that I’m floating somewhere in paradise while I await for my next ultimate destination where I can book via Booking.com. Perhaps, next trip is Middle East or Australia? Let’s see where my feet will bring me next.



Photos courtesy of various websites and Booking.com.

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13 thoughts on “Let’s Travel Around the World via Booking.com

  1. I should’ve known about booking.com earlier cause I’ve been looking for the perfect accommodation for our Bohol Trip since August and it was just last month that I was able to reserve a room with tour packages via direct booking. I’ll definitely check this out for next year’s destination. 🙂

  2. Hi Yvonne! Yes me too and I only found out last year that it’s actually reliable hahaha! 🙂 Next time you can use it. Hi Balot! That’s good to know! Booking.com has a lot of choices that’s available in one website so it’s more convenient that checking each and every hotel website one by one. 🙂 Thanks for reading my blog!

  3. My mom and I are also hesitant to book online because of the risks. But I’ll suggest this site to her so she can check it out for our next travel. Thanks for sharing. I hope you can link here photos of your hotels or blog posts about your travels that were made through this site. 🙂

  4. Hi Aaron! Hahaha but better yet travel for real too and see for yourself in person after viewing the travel blog posts and photos here at The HodgePodge Lifestyle. You read my other vacation blog posts here as well. Thanks for reading my posts! Hi Louise! True the risks are really the reason why a lot don’t book through this site until you’ve tried it at Booking.com. You can back read my vacation blog posts here. I’ve posted about Palawan, Caramoan, Macau, Malaysia, China, etc. I will be posting also new vacation blog posts so keep coming back to The HodgePodge Lifestyle. 🙂

  5. Never been into travelling for the past two years. Say, I should’ve known this site earlier. Okay, maybe, the next time I plan to hit places. This should be awesome.

  6. What i like about Booking.com is it’s convenient to navigate and it automatically detect your country of origin and convert the currency to your respective one. The site is easy to use. It’s one of the top search in Google when you’re looking for a vacation.

    My cousins tried it a couple times already when we have a family reunion at Singapore. It’s a good recommendation.


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