November 18 Marks the 1 Year Anniversary since The HodgePodge Lifestyle was Relaunched in 2013!


Time really flew by so fast and now it’s already a year since The HodgePodge Lifestyle was relaunched last November 18, 2013. I started blogging as a hobby in 2010 but I was simply writing for fun then it was on hiatus when I went abroad twice in Colombia and Malaysia for AIESEC cultural immersion and exchange participant program.

My family and friends kept telling me to put ads and blog more since it’s one of the best things to do these days as a writer. I should have but then living abroad, I had a busier lifestyle with work, cultural exchange speaking engagements, travelling, going out with friends during the weekends and exploring a new country.


But one of the best decisions I’ve had since coming home to Philippines last year was writing again in my blog The HodgePodge Lifestyle. Since the original blogging site became a paid account, my friend told me to move it to WordPress.


Also since Typepad deleted all the photos, it was too much work to put them back so a fresh new website with my own Domain was the best way to go and even if I paid for its yearly membership it was well worth it. I decided to also have ads and to continue posting to my heart’s desire.

10447738_359035657581104_7625077927809183532_nAnd so, it’s been a great year so far with all the articles and photos I’ve spent time writing and uploading to make sure that my followers are still enjoying reading my blog. It’s my baby and I poured my heart and soul into it.

The best ones I’ve written were articles on Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda), The HodgePodge Lifestyle was featured at UNTV’s Good Morning Kuya’s What’s For Breakfast? episode where I also got to co-host with Diego Castro about cooking Avocado pasta; travel features about Philippines, China, Malaysia and Macau, Holiday features and trivias about Christmas, New Year, Holy Week, and others; Food features on several restaurants I’ve tried such as Buffalo’s Wing’s and Thing’s, Brasas, Ralfe’s Gourmet and other articles that are too many to list here. Better yet back read on my other posts to see what I’m talking (or rather writing) about here at The HodgePodge Lifestyle.

10492457_369239146560755_6954949981171142778_nThere are still so many features I want to have here and for the next year of The HodgePodge Lifestyle, look out for more food, travel, current events, pets, business, events, technology and other features related to lifestyle and current events. I also look forward to reading your suggestions if there are new things you want me to feature on my blog! I’m excited to move forward.

I’m also planning to change the layout color of The HodgePodge Lifestyle and I hope you can help me decide which design you would like to see next by reading my post on Does The HodgePodge Lifestyle needs a New Look for 2015?

Take a trip back to memory lane with the list of the articles that I’ve written which I considered highlights of the first year since The HodgePodge Lifestyle came back:

Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) articles: 


Foreigners Donating from Around the World for Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) Victims


Kindness of Portuguese Hugo Bandeira for the Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) VictimsGeorge-Yang-Mcdonalds

McDonald’s Relief Effort for Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda)

Holiday features:

Christmas 2013:


8 Things to Do this Christmas 2013 in Philippines


Shop ’til You Drop Christmas Bazaars 2013

New Year 2014:

Sydney Celebrates New Year's Eve

Ringing the New Year 2014 with the Weirdest Traditions

Valentine’s Day 2014:

lemuria_gallery_01Romantic Restaurants for Valentine’s Day 2014

Holy Week 2014:

PalmWhat You Need To Know: Holy Week Traditions in Philippines

Ninoy Aquino Day 2014:

027e05c9919979c8e889aacadd982bdb10 Things You Need to Know About Ninoy Aquino Day

Independence Day 2014:


10 Things You Need to Know About Philippines & Independence Day

All Saint’s Day 2014:

paris5 Scariest Places Around the World

Travel features:


A Laidback Malacca Weekend

image_11The Ultimate Beijing Experience: Exotic Food Trips, Tea Tasting and Shopping (Part 1)

image_5-3Macau’s quaint Taipa Village

A Relaxing Vacation at Bellarocca Island Resort and Spa

image_3-11Mesmerizing Island Hopping at Caramoan Peninsula

Exploring Tabon Cave in Quezon, Palawan

image_4A Summer Road Trip to Montemar Beach Club in Bataan

Food features:

image_5-2Ralfe Gourmet: A Chocolate Heaven in Cebu


Delicious Colombian cuisine at Brasas in Philippines

DSC_0014Mouthwatering food at Buffalo’s Wings N’ Things

Featured on TV:


Recipe for the Day: The Healthy Avocado Pasta

So here’s to another adventure for The HodgePodge Lifestyle! I hope to see you again soon and I’m also welcoming new readers of my blog! Cheers! <3


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